Personal Trainer

Owner, CSS Group Fitness

As the owner of CSS Group Fitness, staying fit, healthy, and pain free is vital to her clients, and to her personal workout goals. Amanda has not only helped hundreds reach their workout and running goals!

Yes, It Works

Pain Free IS and Option

Often, the proof of how effective Low Level Light Therapy can happen after only 1 treatment. Helping Rich get pain free, and be able to stand up straight was another amazing benefit of having him receive LLLT treatments at Dr. Susan's.

Follow a Plan

Faith in Dr. Susan

Here, Rayna shares how working with Dr. Susan has changed her life! Health is always an option!

Comments from Patients


"My wifey and I just did the remote scan (from 1800 miles away) and in minutes we knew more than we ever did!"

(JandJ 2020).

"After talking to you at the event on Saturday I learned more about my body than 15 years of doctors and specialists! You are amazing" (E, 2019)

"I am soooo glad I listed to Dr. Susan rather than my psych...every mental health person who deals with women should learn from her about hormones and their relation to the brain and mental health! I am off all my meds and have never felt so amazing!!!! PS. If my psych reads this...you are fired."  (February, 2019).

"My migraines are completely gone after three weeks of Low Level Light Treatments! No medication, no more pills!  FREEDOM!!!! Dr. Susan is amazing!"  (December, 2018)


"My pain is completely gone after 5 Low Level Light Treatments!!"

(Jan. 2018)

"Thank you for healing my daughter so quickly!"  Denise, as posted on Facebook  (May, 2016)

"OK...my jaw doesn't hurt like it did, my neck isn't sore, it's not as swollen either! Thank you! Thank you!  Shelly, after one LLLT laser session. (May, 2016)

"After three laser sessions, I went from a pack and a half a day to 2 to 5 cigarettes a day...well worth it!"  Bob  (May, 2016)

"I just wanted to let you know that I've been doing a lot better since we met in person and wanted to thank you for helping me get stronger and healthier."  TZ


"Thank you!!!! I am now happy to report that I am down 21 pounds and am back to exercising.  Your pain management techniques are amazing."     Cindy  (April, 2016)



"Some find God. Others find you." Dave   (December, 2015)


"You are the most accurate and intuitive person I have ever met. The fact that you knew everything about me with ever having met me was astonishing...and refreshing. You know more about me than my doctor of 20 years...and we just met today!"   ST   (November 2015)


" The most impressive aspect of your weight loss program is that it works...I have lost 40 pounds in 3 months, and I can't thank you enough because I can eat all real food, no gross pills, and no stupid chemicals and gimmicks that other firms throw at you!"  Lise


" I am finally off my depression meds thanks to you. Everyone needs to come see you..."     RJR


"Your fingernail analysis was spot on...I was so amazed that you were spot on on EVERYTHING! I will never wear nail polish again so I can watch my progress!"   Missy


" I am not sure how you do it, but only after meeting you once, you knew EVERYTHING about my health issues and what I was going through. Thank you for the tips for how to start my journey back to health. How DO you do that????"   Violet


"Thank you for introducing me to Soul...my husband is so impressed by it...he's telling everyone how it has helped him after only a few days!"



"Going on Soul has been the most dramatic thing I have ever done...I can sleep throughout the night, have increase energy...and have lost 5 pounds!"



"Thank you for introducing me to Juice Plus.  I have gone off all allergy meds and have not used nasal spray in months!!!"

"Thank you for reminding me that it's the small changes that make a difference..."
~ Julie

“Just getting caffeine out of my diet has helped tremendously!  I can sleep better and am amazed that how one little change makes that much of a difference!  Your class was amazing!!!!"

"Thank you!!!  Learning how my body reals after a hysterectomy was something my OB never told me.  Your insight on hormones, how to control them and how what you eat helps with the effects of this pathetic surgery is amazing.  Plus...you are totally hysterical!  Thank you for making me laugh...and for learning about my NEW normal!!!"

"Ok....so why aren't YOU the new Dr. OZ??????  I like the fact that you give the good AND the bad (if there is any) on every product you work with!"

"Taking SOUL has changed my life...I can sleep through the night for the first time in 8 years...and that is without the pain meds from my doctor!!!!"

"My ears don't hurt anymore!!!!!"
~Harrison...a 5 year old with a double ear infection after having Wintergreen Essential Oil applied!

"Thank you for introducing me to the Virgin Coconut Oil.  In my first week of following your plan, I lost 5 pounds. I haven't been able to lose 5 pounds IN THE LAST MONTH!  I can't wait to come to your next class!"

"Thank you for teaching me about my PH and how the Vineyard Blend of Juice Plus is by far the most important thing in my diet since my cancer diagnosis.  I am alive today because of this product.  I am amazed that more cancer patients don't take this EVERY DAY!  And thanks for sharing the medical research even though I didn't want to read it!!"

'Thank you for opening your home and sharing...I have learned so much in just two hours...you are amazing...I am excited to start my new journey and I have you to thank."
~Issabella R.

"I have learned more on the phone with you in this past hour than from all my doctors. I can't believe I didn't know about DHEA...and neither did my doctor!!!!"