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About Dr. Susan

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"Restore your body chemistry, restore your health."

                                          - Dr. Susan

Dr. Susan Mattes Bostian is an Integrative Health and Nutritional Specialist and Whole Food Educator. She specializes in whole food nutrition, low level light therapy, cognitive health, and hormone health, balancing your body's pH (your body chemistry), and working to restore balance so you can live an optimal life. She offers a variety of health analysis methods to help clients best identify their health needs and effective protocols so that clients can reach their health and wellness goals. Most recently she has been studying effective ways to mitigate the side effects of Covid and vaccines.

Dr. Susan offers a variety of protocols to meet your health goals from  FDA approved Cool Sculpting, Thor Laser Low Level Light Therapy, Cryo T-Shock sessions, Detox Sessions, Laser Light Lipo for Weight Loss, Z Wave Zimmer, Bemer Therapy, FIT BodyWrap, Massage Therapy, Bio and Neurofeedback, Ionic Footbaths (Dr. Susan's owns the patent for this technology), and more. The focus of your unique consultation is uncovering the cause of your symptoms so real solutions can be found for you.

Dr. Susan has been working in the educational field for over 25 years, has 8 educational degrees and countless hours of training in health and wellness, hormone survival, pH protocol, low level light therapy, cognitive learning theory, as well as degrees and certifications in Low Level Light Therapy, Integrative Nutrition, Physical training and muscle recovery, and more.  She began her transition to the health and wellness field in 2010 and is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and University of Natural Health, and Genesis College. With additional degrees from Lehigh University, Moravian College (now Moravian University), St. Joe's University, Nova Southeastern, and hormone certification from the Harvard Protocol,  certifications in Fitness Nutrition, Integrative Nutrition, Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Precision Fitness Nutrition, Restorative Practices, and is also a trained laser therapist using Low Level Light Therapy and a Cryotherapist, her extensive knowledge base is invaluble to her patients.  As a trained NES Quantum Wellness and Heart Rate Variability Practitioner, she utilizes advanced biometric scanning and assessments to determine areas of the body that are in need of repair, and can offer a variety of protocols to help you achieve total wellness. She is also a certified CNSVS and TOVA provider for cognitive assessments and evaluation, particularly after concussion.  In addition to these certifications, she is trained in animal wellness and currently treats dogs, horses, cats, and rabbits with her team of practitioners. She is also a certified Race Horse Technician at Parx Casino Race Stables and is certified to treat all thoroughbred race horses.


Dr. Susan provides unique and exceptional educational training and seminars in the field of health, nutrition, whole foods, and stress/pain management, as well as the most important aspect of one's health: learning how to balance your pH and body chemistry—and with that, hormones. From teaching you how to lose weight the natural way, to cultivating lifestyle changes that can enhance your quality of life, Dr. Susan is committed to offering you the education, services, and products you need to achieve your goals. She presents at local events and seminars, as well as National Conventions, Corporate Wellness Programs, and has served as keynote speaker for Global Leadership Conferences, The World Seed Summit, national practitioner training events, seed based nutrition companies, colleges, and universities in including presenting to the graduating classes of Registered Nurses at Penn State University.


Working with esteemed companies such as Rain International, THOR Laser, NES Quantum Wellness, and Essential Oils, educating thousands on the benefits of seed based nutrition and whole food based companies, Dr. Susan facilitates a better quality of life.  Educating about products that can heal (or hurt) is a priority.

Dr. Susan offers classes, programs, seminars, cooking events, and even private consultations that will help you discover a new, healthier you, and lead you on a path where learning becomes living—and living becomes a refreshingly healthy adventure.

In additional to health and wellness services, Dr. Susan works as a fundraising coordinator and is engaged with several non profits including The American Cancer Society, Kellsie's Hope Foundation, THINK PINK NIGHTS, and is the Founder of The Every Ribbon Counts Foundation which is an expansion of her flagship charity, Think Pink Nights. The Every Ribbon Counts foundation has the mission of working to help fund cancer patients and their families struggling through treatment, funds other non profits in the fight against cancer, and works to establish community based support and programs that are lacking in various locales. Donations are always accepted (tax deductible) and we host several events a year for women, children, their families, and for everyone who has a passion for creating a difference in the lives of others. From educational seminars to fun family outings to RunDISNEY events, The Every Ribbon Counts Foundation's mission is to engage everyone in the One Fight for All Cancer and engage in community support. Please visit for more information. As a travel agent specializing in Disney, all commissions from trips booked to help fund the Every Ribbon Counts Foundation's Last Wish Trip Fund.  She is a pastor at the Community Church of Faith, helps those with religious letters of exemption, and also serves as the music director and children's ministry sermon provider at Dryland UCC in Nazareth, PA.


Dr. Susan has been the guest and featured keynote speaker and several national and international conferences on health, nutrition, understanding teen age mental development, pain management, and alternative therapies for healing. She is a featured guest on, The Elite Podcast Network,  as well as many other stations in the U.S and hosts several radio shows.

In 2023, her son TJ opened up a take out restaurant in Nazareth, and Susan has the honor of working with From baking to offering healthy menu options, this has been a real joy! Pop in and see us at 49N. Broad Street in Nazareth.



Doctorates in Cognitive Learning Theory/Needs Assessment/Program Evaluation Lehigh University/Moravian College/Nova Southeastern

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in progress​

Animal Health and Wellness using LLLT

Integrative Holistic Health and Nutrition Doctorate from University of Natural Health

​Masters Degree in Curriculum Design and Instructional Programming/Lehigh University

Bachelor's Degree in Music & Education/United States History/Moravian College

Integrative Health & Nutrition
Certified Health Coach/International Association of Health Coaches, Internationally Board Certified

Certified International Health Coach and Holistic Practitioner

Whole Food Nutrition Specialist

Herbal Studies for Women/Certification from Genesis University

Certificates in:

CoolSculpting , ZWave Zimmer, and Cryo Therapist

Low Level Light Therapy

Integrative Holistic Health & Nutrition

FIT Bodywrap Technology and Weight Loss SlimBody Wraps

Physical Trainer/Muscle Therapy and Sports and Exercise Nutrition

Restorative Practices and Behavior Management and National Information Management

Thyroid Protocol

Precision Fitness Nutrition


Certified PA Insurance Agent

Leadership of Influence Award Recipient, Women's History Month, 2020, 2021

Bio Energetic Practitioner of the Year 2021

Lehigh Valley Legends Basketball Team Laser Therapist/Physiotherapist

Ordained Minister and Wedding Officiant

International Association of Health Coaches (Certified)

Member: American Holistic Health Association

World Association of Low Level Light Therapy Practitioners

Disney Mentor and  CLIA certified Travel Agent

Film Producer, Lucky Louie the Movie and The Hail Mary through A Channel of Peace Productions.

Medical Disclaimer: Dr. Susan advises all people to discuss any current or past symptoms and supplements that you wish to take with your medical doctor before starting any new supplements to make sure it's safe for you. This information presented here is for educational purposes only.  This is not medical advice as you must have a full history and exam by your doctor/medical practitioner for any health or medical advice, nor should this information be taken as such. The information presented here is provided for informational and educational purposes only. The information presented here is a result of years of research and practice and experience by Dr. Susan. This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your medical doctor/physician or other healthcare professional.

You should not nor is it intended for you to use the information presented here for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing medication or other treatment. Always discuss any and all options and decisions with your medical provider or physician or other healthcare professional before taking measures, alter your medications, alter your nutritional supplements, or any other herbal or homeopathic supplement, or using any other treatment for symptoms or health issues. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your health care provider promptly. Do not disregard or discount professional medical advice or deter from seeking professional advice because of something you have read here. Information provided here and the use of any supplements, products,  or services purchased from Dr.Susan’s pH DOES NOT create a doctor-patient relationship between you and any of the groups affiliated with Dr. Susan. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Thank you.

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