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RAIN International

Seed Based Nutrition

Seed-based nutrition is considered a powerful way to get the essential nutrients and minerals you need for your all starts with seed, and seed based nutrition does just that.


Seeds are the genesis of life, and with a cold-press technology that extracts the nutrient-rich oils without harming them, Rain International  uses chemical free seeds with the cold-pressed process to offer an exceptional nutritional product.

Discover Seed Based Nutrition!

Energize your cells, your body, and work to maintain strength and energy! Work to eliminate oxidative stress on your cells, and give your body the nutrients you need to live.

Learning means living.  What will you learn about SOUL, CORE, & FORM today?

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To order, become a RAIN partner, or to learn more, please contact me at (610) 417-2448 or visit my RAIN site below

For the Rain Partners across the globe, I am honored to share these informational power points for you to use as you share SOUL, CORE, & FORM with everyone you know and share the vital necessity of seed based nutrition and the positive impact it has on your health!

If you are a RAIN PARTNER and are using these presentations, you are required to give credit to Dr. Susan, the creator of these presentations. You are not permitted to charge for these documents, nor are you permitted to present these as your own as these are the proprietary and intellectual property of Dr. Susan.  Thank you.

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