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We offer many products in office, including Dr. Susan's exclusive Teas, Body Wrap products, and collagen based skin care.

Many products can be ordered directly from the websites below and will be shipped directly to your home!

Dr. Susan's Teas

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To order teas you can email your order to or call to place orders by phone  610 417 2448.

Dr. Susan's Tea line continues to grow! Each tea has been exclusively created for a particular health goal, made locally in Pennsylvania, and features biodegradable sachets with a hydrofused tea tag (no glue is used in our process). Teas come in a reusable tin. Each tea sachet will make 2 cups of strong tea, or 3 to 4 cups of tea with a little less flavor infusion! Teas sell for $15 each, and shipping is available! Perfect for gifts, special occasions, favors, teacher gifts and more! Get healthy sip by sip! 


Our number 1 selling supplement 9 years in a row. Safe for everyone, SOUL is the anti-inflammatory, hormone balancing, muscle recovery, anti-oxidant, immune-boosting super food that everyone should add!    Dr. Susan went on this when diagnosed with Lyme and has been on it every day since! Now Soul Red is also available for weight loss, and Bryt for brain health, BEND for joints! Whole food nutrition for head to toe!


Juice Plus and TOWER GARDEN

Juice Plus NSA is backed by over 30 clinical studies and leading universities and helps you bridge the gap with concentrated whole food based nutrition suitable for everyone on the planet.   Supports cardiovascular wellness, supports a healthy inflammatory response, reduces insulin resistance, supports healthy skin and gums, helps protect DNA, and reduces oxidation stress and is readily absorbed by the body.

Capsules for adults, and gummies for children!


With the onset of Covid and quarantine, Dr. Susan and her family ordered a Tower Garden and now can grow fruits and vegetables inside the comfort of their own home! No bugs, no insects, and NO de weeding! Just add water and watch your plants grow! It is perfect for our pandemic filled world, and is also a phenomenal science lesson for all of the children now learning science and technology at home!


With many patients, digestive health is the primary goal to achieve a symptom free life. Most do not have the full liver function they need to help digest the foods we are eating today, so taking a digestive enzyme is imperative! Super Detox has been beneficial to assist the body's ability to detox rather than a typical starvation diet which will harm the liver! Order yours today!

Victory Nutrition International


VNI products are clinically researched and science-based. VNI utilizes breakthrough Prodosome (SK713 SLP) technology that enhances nutrient uptake. Even with compromised digestive systems, Prodovite gets into the blood supply within 5 minutes.

Brain Reward is the most popular selling product that Dr. Susan's carries in the office as it supports dopamine sensitivity and function. Brain Reward helps support cravings, weight management, relieves stress, helps with cognitive issues, supports decision making, and in a clinical study showed that there were 50% reductions in: cravings, depression, anxiety, anger, fatigue, lack of energy.    This products works exceptionally well for patients also receiving Low Level Light Therapy for anxiety, depression, stroke, concussion, and other cognitive impairments.

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H1O liquid and gel are the most advanced products on the market for fast cellular renewal and revitalization. Safe for humans and pets, Dr. Susan has used this on dogs, and horses as well, saving many from expensive vet bills. Many use the Secur liquid to help protect DNA as well as use as a recovery supplement. Always keep the gel on hand for cuts, bruises, and more. 

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