ASEA Redox

ASEA Redox Molecule Cell Signaling Supplement...addresses cellular breakdown at the genetic level.

We have found this particularly beneficial with patients with RA/Arthritis and COH matrix issues.

RENU 28 Gel: We have found the Gel beneficial for pain management, skin issues, burns, irritations, inflammation, and more!

Victory Nutrition International

VNI products are clinically researched and science-based. VNI utilizes breakthrough Prodosome (SK713 SLP) technology that enhances nutrient uptake. Even with compromised digestive systems, Prodovite gets into the blood supply within 5 minutes.

Brain Reward is the most popular selling product that Dr. Susan's carries in the office as it supports dopamine sensitivity and function. Brain Reward helps support cravings, weight management, relieves stress, helps with cognitive issues, supports decision making, and in a clinical study showed that there were 50% reductions in: cravings, depression, anxiety, anger, fatigue, lack of energy.    This products works exceptionally well for patients also receiving Low Level Light Therapy for anxiety, depression, stroke, concussion, and other cognitive impairments.

Juice Plus

Juice Plus NSA is backed by over 30 clinical studies and leading universities and helps you bridge the gap with concentrated whole food based nutrition suitable for everyone on the planet.   Supports cardiovascular wellness, supports a healthy inflammatory response, reduces insulin resistance, supports healthy skin and gums, helps protect DNA, and reduces oxidation stress and is readily absorbed by the body.

Capsules for adults, and gummies for children!

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