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Cryo T-Shock and FDA Approved Cool Sculpting


Are you struggling to lose weight? Have that stubborn area that no matter how much you exercise it won't go away? With FDA approved Cool Sculpting and Cryo T Shock or  Laser Light Lipo could be your answer! In just as little as 5 non-invasive sessions, you will find the results you have been searching for.

From fat reduction instantly, reduction of cellulite, and anti-aging facials, we can meet everyone's unique needs. The Cryo T Shock is also effective for pain management, muscle recovery, sports injury recovery and more.

Why do we offer options?  Each person is uniquely different from hormone profile, medications, metabolism, and lifestyle. We can match the best protocol to your unique needs!


Low Level Light Therapy

Low Level Light Therapy promotes healthy cellular response, works as a capillary vasodilator, and  serves as an anti-inflammatory therapy protocol.  Dr. Susan utilizes advanced  protocols with Low Level Light Therapy (cold laser therapy) for anxiety and depression, pain management, cognitive issues/concussion/autism, weight management, stress reduction therapy, smoking cessation treatments, and pre and post surgery treatment therapy to promote healing.  Patients can also be treated for concussions, stroke, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, as well as many cognitive learning diagnoses such as ADHD, autism, CAPD, and ODD.  Fees range from $175 for a single session to $3900 for packages and long term services. With new technicians on board and portable machines, Dr. Susan's pH also offers LLLT for animals, including horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, and tigers.

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Advanced Biometric Scanning

Understanding the biology of your body and how cellular function can create the path to wellness, you can access the healing power of your body. Through quantum scanning and heart rate variability testing, Dr. Susan can determine nutritional deficits, hormone levels, autonomic nervous system function, stress levels, environmental contaminants, energy alignment, and more. This service is both for local and long distance clients and you can view your results on your phone/computer. Long distance clients would need access to computer/internet. Fees range from $295-599. Long distance clients would need to purchase/rent a biometric scanner for the current Covid rate of $60 plus shipping.

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Private Consultations

Learning what works for your body is the most important thing you can do for optimal health!  Tired of being tired? Need alternatives to traditional solutions that don't work? Dr. Susan can help you identity your needs and work with you to create a plan towards optional health!


Book your one-on-one consultation today. Long distance phone consultations are also available.   Phone consultations start at $125, and in person consultations start at $295.

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Cognitive Services ( CNS VS & TONI )

Dr. Susan offers a range of cognitive testing assessments and treatment protocols, all FDA approved. From concussion testing to ADD/ADHD, there are a variety of non-subjective testing assessments that can give you the answers you need to help determine the most beneficial course of treatment. These services can also be contracted out to other local clinicians as well. Please contact Dr. Susan for more information. Dr. Susan specializes in cognitive health and wellness from understanding hormones in their relation to brain neurotransmitters and how nutritional deficits can impact cognitive health as well as recovery. Book your consultation today to have testing completed and have a full nutritional and brain neurotransmitter assessment. All reports are provided to the patient.

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Ionic Oasis Foot Detox Sessions

Owning the only detox foot baths with a patent, Dr. Susan offers ionic detox foot baths in office and scheduled home visits as well. These units are the most powerful foot detox units you can utilize to remove unwanted toxins from the  body. Dr. Susan also sells these units as well if you would prefer to own your own. Units start at $1500 and our professional practitioner model is $2500 all inclusive.  Home units are also available. Contact us today to learn more.

Classes, Seminars, and Corporate Events

Dr. Susan hosts many classes and seminars on topics ranging from hormone health to hysterectomy survival.  She currently teaches out of health and wellness spas, colleges, private homes, and at health and wellness events!

Follow her Facebook page and see her LIVE STEAMING CLASSES as well!

Dr. Susan's pH Integrative Health

Ask about attending one of our popular classes, or schedule your own seminar to be held at your facility. She has presented at National Conferences all over the Country, received Biometric Practitioner of the Year in 2021,  has served as a keynote speaker at International Conferences, presented in Utah for Rain International, and at nutrition summits in New York City, Penn State University, California, Tennessee, hosted talk radio shows, presented at health clinics, and wellness spas.  Have you attended a Dr. Susan talk?

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