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Bio Energetic scanning: more accurate than most DNA tests. Imagine what you can learn about the health for everyone in your family, even your pets! In person, remote, and now VOICE scans. Accurate, detailed, and informative! Imagine what you can learn about YOU!


Imagine using the power of light or the power of seeds to enhance your health and the health of those you love. Join Dr. Susan's weekly ZOOM calls to learn, be engaged in health and join the HEALTH REVOLUTION. Fill out the contact form today to receive all invites and passcodes for these free interactive sessions.

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Meet Dr. Susan


Dr. Susan Mattes Bostian specializes in integrative and alternative holistic health and nutrition, helping her patients work to restore their body chemistry, and their health. From nutrition, hormone balance, pain management, muscle recovery, weight loss, fat reduction protocols, and cognitive services, Dr. Susan's pH focuses on the whole body and the chemical and hormonal functions that keep the body in balance. She offers in office visits and consultations and virtual tele-health services.  Dr. Susan presents  at seminars, conferences, and teaches health and wellness in a variety of locations.  From global leadership seminars to private one on one consultations, meeting the needs of her clients is always a priority.

This year, she is also service as the Low Level Light Therapy/Physiotherapist for the Lehigh Valley Legends Basketball Team. Join us for our home games at Lafayette College in Easton, PA!




From eliminating stubborn fat, and the  reduction of cellulite, and anti-aging facials, we can meet everyone's unique needs. Dr. Susan is also trained in physiotherapy with the Cryo T-Shock.   Cool Sculpting is FDA approved and Dr. Susan's offers the lowest prices available. We also now sue the Zimmer Zwave to increase the effectiveness of Cryo and CoolSculpting!

Cryo T-Shock and CoolSculpting


Low Level Light Therapy promotes healthy cellular response, works as a capillary vasodilator, and  serves as an anti-inflammatory therapy protocol . LLLT reduces pain and inflammation and helps the body heal faster than other protocols. 

In her office she works with THOR LASER and also has helped design a home use product for pain management available exclusively through her RAIN site.

Low Level

Laser Therapy

Whether the home office, or long distance, Dr. Susan's works to identify the issues causing your health concerns and helps plan a protocol for for optional health!

Private Health


Questions?  Would you like to schedule a consultation?  Learn more  about hosting a seminar or event at your corporation? Please use the link below to contact Dr. Susan! 

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